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order Abacinate - 'Ruination' CD
'Ruination' CD   [more info]
After a well recieved EP, New Jersey's ABACINATE come back out swinging, and these tracks are bound to connect. Thick, m... [read more]
order Abazagorath - 'The Satanic Versse' CD
'The Satanic Versse' CD   [more info]
Newest full length from USBM legends Abazagorath "The Satanic Verses." A crushing and powerful release, featuring the be... [read more]
order Abbess - 'Abess' Digi CD
'Abess' Digi CD   [more info]
A cauldron of blackened doom from Maryland
order Abhorrent Deformity - 'Entity of Malevolence' CD
'Entity of Malevolence' CD   [more info]
Debut album from North Carolina Abhorrent Deformity. This convergence of brutality is complete with the boundless onslau... [read more]
order Abominant - 'Onward to Annihilation' Digi CD
'Onward to Annihilation' Digi CD   [more info]
ABOMINANT returns with their tenth studio album. Two decades of violent death metal warfare have led ABOMINANT to this -... [read more]
order Aborted Fetus - 'Fatal Dogmatic Damage' CD
'Fatal Dogmatic Damage' CD   [more info]
New full length CD from this emerging Russian death metal band! Aborted Fetus perform U.S. style guttural slam with catc... [read more]
order Aborted Fetus  - 'The Art of Violent Torture' CD
'The Art of Violent Torture' CD   [more info]
Russian death metal titans Aborted Fetus return with their signature style of Ural Massive Brutality on their new full l... [read more]
order Abysmal Darkening - 'No Light Behind...' CD
'No Light Behind...' CD   [more info]
"No light Behind" is the name of long awaited full length album from this Dutch band (featuring ex-members of Bunkur tog... [read more]
order Abysmal Darkening - 'Sub Terra' CD
'Sub Terra' CD   [more info]
"Sub Terra" is the second album of Abysmal Darkening (this Dutch gangfeatures members / ex members of bands like Sauron ... [read more]
order Ad Nauseum - 'Nihil Quam Vacuitas Ordinatum Est' CD
'Nihil Quam Vacuitas Ordinatum Est' CD   [more info]
Stunning debut album by this Italian quarted. Ad Nauseam have put an enormous effort into creating a record without com... [read more]
order Ad Patres - 'Scorn Aesthetics' CD
'Scorn Aesthetics' CD   [more info]
French blackened death metal
order Ade - 'Spartacus' CD
'Spartacus' CD   [more info]
Nile-influenced death metal of the highest order
order Adversarial - 'Prophetic Plain of Abyssal Revelation' Digi CD
'Prophetic Plain of Abyssal Revelation' Digi CD   [more info]
Dark, twisted, churning yet technical...these are the words that often describe the vicious attack from the Canadian thr... [read more]
order Aetherius Obscuritas - 'MMXV' CD
'MMXV' CD   [more info]
This being the bands 7th full length. Once again Aetherius Obscuritas stays true to the Black Metal they wish to express... [read more]
order Aevangelist - 'Writhes in the Murk' CD
'Writhes in the Murk' CD   [more info]
The American band's third album to date, Writhes in the Murk signifies the next phase in the existence of Aevangelist's ... [read more]
order Afflictive Emasculation - 'OSVII: Esse Deum' CD
'OSVII: Esse Deum' CD   [more info]
Slam Hammer from Spain. The band brings out their Second Full Length Album which is called OSVII: ESSE DEUM. It Contains... [read more]
order Agalloch - 'The Mantle' CD
'The Mantle' CD   [more info]
Oregon's Agalloch (featuring members of Sculptured) effortlessly blend classical and folk influences with their unique b... [read more]
order Agathocles - 'Black Clouds Determinate' CD
'Black Clouds Determinate' CD   [more info]
“Black Clouds Determinate” is the second album to see the light of day back in 1994. The 2013 re-release has been r... [read more]
order Agathocles - 'Superiority Overdose' CD
'Superiority Overdose' CD   [more info]
Finally available again the 7th studio album recorded in 2001 at the Soundshape Studios in Belgium where AGATHOCLES has ... [read more]
order Aggressive Mutilator - 'Poison Minds' CD
'Poison Minds' CD   [more info]
black metal/punk band from Sweden (started in 2012). This is stuff for the most devoted fans of Bathory, Venom, Sepultur... [read more]
order Agiel - 'Dark Pantheon' MCD
'Dark Pantheon' MCD   [more info]
Dark Pantheons is a re-introduction to the metal masses of this unique blend of brutal death metal and symphonic black m... [read more]
order Aldebaran - 'From Forgotten Tombs I & II' CD
'From Forgotten Tombs I & II' CD   [more info]
A collection of all the songs (most of them available on CD format for the first time ever) included in their "...From F... [read more]
order Algebra - 'Feed the Ego' CD
'Feed the Ego' CD   [more info]
Algebra is superficially an unusual moniker for a thrash band, calling to mind mathematical precision and maybe pencil-s... [read more]
order Altars - 'Paramnesia' CD
'Paramnesia' CD   [more info]
At long last, one of death metal's best-kept secrets unleashes their debut album: Australian enigmas ALTARS and their he... [read more]
order Among Gods - 'Among Gods' CD
'Among Gods' CD   [more info]
Old school doom/death for fans of Asphyx, Humiliation and Coffins.
order Among Gods - 'Monument' CD
'Monument' CD   [more info]
Norway's AMONG GODS are back with their second album, a monolithic hybrid of Dark, Heavy Doom and old school Death Metal... [read more]
order Anguish - 'Mountain' CD
'Mountain' CD   [more info]
Anguish's brand new album, Mountain, sees the band expanding upon their oppressive brand of doom metal. Mountain, the fo... [read more]
order Annotations Of An Autopsy - 'The Reign of Darkness' CD
'The Reign of Darkness' CD   [more info]
Conquerors of British Death Metal, Annotations Of An Autopsy are about to release havoc upon the world with this album, ... [read more]
order Antagony - 'Days of Night' CD
'Days of Night' CD   [more info]
"Days of Night", the crippling new album from California's Antagony combines the punishing heaviness of Despised Icon wi... [read more]
order Antigama - 'Meteor' CD
'Meteor' CD   [more info]
ANTIGAMA’s sixth studio full-length since forming in 2000, “Meteor” is the revered act’s first proper album sinc... [read more]
order Antigama - 'The Insolent' Digi CD
'The Insolent' Digi CD   [more info]
order Antigama - 'Warning' CD
'Warning' CD   [more info]
Warnings frenzied, quirky bursts of aggression meld modern metal extremity with the discordant work of early-era Voivod ... [read more]
order Antropofagus  - 'M.O.R.T.E.' CD
'M.O.R.T.E.' CD   [more info]
Antropofagus returns in 2017 with uncompromising godless ferocity! Five years after their highly praised ‘Architecture... [read more]
order Apostate - 'Trapped in a Sleep' CD
'Trapped in a Sleep' CD   [more info]
Death/Doom from the Ukraine! A must for Paradise Lost fans!
order Arkona - 'Lepta' CD
'Lepta' CD   [more info]
Arkona was formed in 2002 by Masha Scream (vocals). Early 2003 the Arkona line up was completed with members from bands ... [read more]
order Arkona  - 'Ot Serdca K Nebu' CD
'Ot Serdca K Nebu' CD   [more info]
The Russian horde Arkona delivers a masterpiece of Slavic Pagan Metal with their latest release "Ot Serdca K Nebu", or "... [read more]
order Arkona - 'Vo Slavu Velikim!' CD
'Vo Slavu Velikim!' CD   [more info]
Extremely hard to find album from Russia's finest folk/viking metal export. Now signed to Napalm!
order Arkona - 'Vosrozdenie' CD
'Vosrozdenie' CD   [more info]
Arkona's debut 'Vosrozdenie' (in English 'Rebirth' or 'Renaissance') was recorded in 2004. It was the first of so far 5 ... [read more]
order Arkona - 'Zhizn' Vo Slavu' CD
'Zhizn' Vo Slavu' CD   [more info]
Live album from this Russian pagan/folk metal band.
order Asesino - 'Corridos De Muerte' CD
'Corridos De Muerte' CD   [more info]
Great debut album from this Mexican cartel of death and grind!!
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