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order Afgrund - 'Vid Helvetets Grindar' LP
'Vid Helvetets Grindar' LP   [more info]
Afgrund come from the Swedish school of Grindcore: relentless blasts, beefy guitars, snarling vocals and plenty of groov... [read more]
order Altar of Plagues / Year of No Light - 'Split' LP
'Split' LP   [more info]
This split LP will offer you one new and long track per side from each band with a great artwork from Glyn Smith, alread... [read more]
order Battlefields - 'Stained with the Blood' LP
'Stained with the Blood' LP   [more info]
Nothing is stacked crooked about Battlefields brand of doom metal infused hardcore. With circular, tightly bound percuss... [read more]
order Blatz/Filth  - 'Split' LP
'Split' LP   [more info]
Originally released in 1991 by Lookout! Records, the Shit Split reached many a punk rocker, inspiring a legion of kids t... [read more]
order Blaze of Perdition - 'The Burning Will of Expansion' 7"
'The Burning Will of Expansion' 7"   [more info]
vinyl only release! High class, hateful and crushing Polish black metal. Two new, exclusive tracks of blood fanaticism a... [read more]
order Blaze of Perdition - 'The hierophant' LP
'The hierophant' LP   [more info]
One of the most important names in the new generation of Polish black metal, BLAZE OF PERDITION conjure their second alb... [read more]
order Career Suicide / Jed Whitey - 'Split' LP
'Split' LP   [more info]
Finally out. Career Suicide, Toronto's snotty fucks, are back with some of their best material to date. Eight new tracks... [read more]
order Coffins - 'Ancient Torture' 4xLP BOX
'Ancient Torture' 4xLP BOX   [more info]
A definitive collection of Coffins split releases, compilation and vinyl only tracks, these awesome deluxe box contains ... [read more]
order Coffins - 'March of Despair' LP
'March of Despair' LP   [more info]
Five songs for 2012 from these doom/death traditionalists from Japan. Includes a cover of Death/Massacre nugget "Corpseg... [read more]
order Cripple Bastards - 'Framenti Di Vita' LP+7"
'Framenti Di Vita' LP+7"   [more info]
Special Deep Six Records vinyl pressing adding an extra 7" with the entire original 7" from 1994 remixed and remastered!... [read more]
order Cripple Bastards - 'Variante Alla Morte' LP
'Variante Alla Morte' LP   [more info]
The new album on clear vinyl with gatefold sleeve.
order Dark Tranquillity - 'We Are The Void' 2LP
'We Are The Void' 2LP   [more info]
Swedish melodic Death Metal pioneers Dark Tranquillity triumphantly return with We Are The Void, a scorching effort that... [read more]
order Decrepit Birth - 'Diminishing Between Worlds' LP
'Diminishing Between Worlds' LP   [more info]
One of the best technical death metal albums of the decade gets the vinyl treatment. Only a couple in stock, so act fast... [read more]
order Decrepitaph / Eternal Solstice - 'Split' 7"
'Split' 7"   [more info]
New split 7" featuring Texas death dealers Decrepitaph and the Netherland's Eternal Solstice. This 7" is limited to 500 ... [read more]
order Deeds of Flesh - 'Portals to Canaan' LP
'Portals to Canaan' LP   [more info]
9th studio release from CA tech death metal masters Deeds of Flesh available in LP gate fold format featuring 3 conceptu... [read more]
order Defiance - 'Nothing Lasts Forever' LP
'Nothing Lasts Forever' LP   [more info]
The third in a series of three classic re-issues from Portland punk legends DEFIANCE! This time in the form of their sou... [read more]
order Dropdead - '1993' LP
'1993' LP   [more info]
Reissued grindcore classic on Armageddon Records. A Must have!
order DS-13 - 'Killed by the Kids' LP
'Killed by the Kids' LP   [more info]
Second album by this Swedish hardcore outfit. Fueled with early 80's raw thrash sound, this album features less distorte... [read more]
order DS-13 - 'Vad Vet Vi Om Kriget?' LP
'Vad Vet Vi Om Kriget?' LP   [more info]
Sweden's DS-13 have finally released a full length of 27 tracks of raging hardcore that is influenced by early '80s soun... [read more]
order Earth Crisis - 'To The Death' LP
'To The Death' LP   [more info]
Earth Crisis unleash a new firestorm of epic proportions proving that their message is more viable than ever. Earth Cris... [read more]
order Entrails - 'Raging Death' LP
'Raging Death' LP   [more info]
order Facebreaker - 'Infected' LP
'Infected' LP   [more info]
''The good news is that Facebreaker haven't changed their style much since 'Dead, Rotten and Hungry' (2008). Alright, th... [read more]
order Fester - 'A Celebration of Death' LP
'A Celebration of Death' LP   [more info]
order From Ashes Rise - 'Nightmare' LP
'Nightmare' LP   [more info]
Three full lengths into their career, Portland via Tennessee subversives From Ashes Rise unleash their most harrowing di... [read more]
order General Surgery - 'A Collection of Depravation' 2LP
'A Collection of Depravation' 2LP   [more info]
order Immortal - 'Damned In Black' LP
'Damned In Black' LP   [more info]
RARE Black Vinyl on Osmose Productions. Limited to 1000 copies!!
order Insidious Decrepancy - 'The Inerrancy of Profanation' LP
'The Inerrancy of Profanation' LP   [more info]
The sickening 2006 splatterpiece of gut-munching and blasphemous Texas Death Metal finally re-animated and lacerated on... [read more]
order Into Eternity - 'Buried in Oblivion' LP
'Buried in Oblivion' LP   [more info]
Progressive / melodic death metal with impressive technical stylings and dangerously infectious hooks. 2004 release on v... [read more]
order Into Eternity - 'Dead or Dreaming' LP
'Dead or Dreaming' LP   [more info]
Progressive / melodic death metal with impressive technical stylings and dangerously infectious hooks. 2001 release on v... [read more]
order Kongh  - 'Counting Heartbeats' 2LP
'Counting Heartbeats' 2LP   [more info]
Here's the vinyl repress of the first KONGH record (released in 2007 on TRUST NO ONE RECORDINGS). While the band is now ... [read more]
order Kongh - 'Shadows of the Shapeless' 2LP
'Shadows of the Shapeless' 2LP   [more info]
Swedish trio KONGH return with the follow-up to their critically acclaimed 2007 debut album "Counting Heartbeats" which ... [read more]
order Looking For An Answer - 'Eterno Treblinka' LP
'Eterno Treblinka' LP   [more info]
Gatefold vinyl LP. The second full length, Killer Spanish grind in the old school vein full of pissed off riffs. Amazing... [read more]
order Martyr  - 'Feeding the Abscess' LP
'Feeding the Abscess' LP   [more info]
Tight technical death metal from Quebec featuring Daniel Mongrain (Voivod, Gorguts) Patrice Hamelin (Beneath The Massacr... [read more]
order Martyr  - 'Hopeless Hopes' LP
'Hopeless Hopes' LP   [more info]
Tight technical death metal from Quebec featuring Daniel Mongrain (Voivod, Gorguts) & Patrice Hamelin (Beneath The Massa... [read more]
order Misery Index - 'Pulling Out the Nails' 2LP
'Pulling Out the Nails' 2LP   [more info]
At long last, their discography collection of splits and EP's. It features 30 tracks, and includes ALL non-album materia... [read more]
order Monarch - 'Omens' LP
'Omens' LP   [more info]
Omens is MONARCH's sixth full-length release of atmospheric dirge / drone since their 2005 inception, not to mention the... [read more]
order Morgion - 'Among Majestic Ruin' LP
'Among Majestic Ruin' LP   [more info]
To those who don't know, Morgion play strongly death metal-influenced doom. Guttural vocals and uptempo sections occasio... [read more]
order Morgion - 'Cloaked By Ages, Crowned in Earth' LP
'Cloaked By Ages, Crowned in Earth' LP   [more info]
Long awaited vinyl release of this 2004 doom masterpiece. This album is nothing short of a mesmerizing combination of m... [read more]
order Nashgul -
  [more info]
order Skitsystem - 'Allt E Skit' LP
'Allt E Skit' LP   [more info]
Finally available on vinyl this release compiles all the out of print early Skitsystem material. This is the vinyl versi... [read more]
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